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Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto

Drive dozens of varied vehicles around three of America’s toughest cities.
Only the best will be able to tame the fastest cars. Only the smartest will know all the shortcuts and the whereabouts of the hottest wheels. Only the toughest will be able to take on the world and finish the job like a professional…

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Grand Theft Auto PC Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto


Enter these as your character’s name to enable the cheat:

10x Point Multiplierheart of gold
10x Point Multiplierhate machine
9,999,999 pointsitcouldbeyou
99 livessatanlives
All Levelsnineinarow
All levels and Citiessuper well
All stagesitsgallus
Disable Massive Cursingiamnotgarypenn
Enable Massive Cursingiamgarypenn
Get 99 ammo for all gunsbuckfast, then press *
No policeiamthelaw
No Police presencestevesmates
Once pressing c in game, you can see damage, speed etc of your current car in the gameporkcharsui
Start with all weapons and power-upssuckmyrocket
Unlimited Livesitstantrum
Unlimited Lives6031769